Who Am I?

I started Seth Godin's course for freelancers who want to move up yesterday and I'm unbelievably inspired by his work. Here's the first exercise that he suggests we do online, *gulp* in public.

What do you want to do?

I want to write. I want to write essays and books of essays about my experiences through travel and culture and learning about people and living and loving and growing and finding my voice. I want to write more screenplays for women—about people showing up and learning how to do the hard stuff. I want to write things that matter, that make a difference, and do more than just entertain and keep people asleep.

Who do you want to change, and how do you want to change them?

Anyone that finds my work. Especially those people who struggle to know their own value and put up with too much shit. I hope to change them through sharing my own experiences, through humor, honesty, and hopefully some words strung together in a nice order.

How much risk? (from 1 [a little] to 10 [bet everything]), how much are you willing to put at stake to make the change you seek?

I guess I'd say I'm putting it all on black, here. I keep thinking about how I'm going to be dead someday and the worst thing would be to not have really lived.

How much work are you willing to do to get there? Be specific about the tradeoffs.

I'm willing to do whatever I need to. The hardest thing for me is seeing what that is, sometimes, and trusting myself that I know. And that my work matters. I'm willing to see that most of what I've been thinking has probably been wrong. I don't see any tradeoffs for living an authentic life, I guess.

Does this project matter enough for the risk and the effort you’re putting into it?

Absolutely. It's all I've got, at this point.

Is it possible — has anyone with your resources ever pulled off anything like this?

Yes. Tons of people, actually. Elizabeth Gilbert. Anthony Bourdain. Bill Bryson. Cheryl Strayed... to name a few. For film? I'm really inspired by Lake Bell's In A World and Gillian Robespierre's Obvious Child.