The little things, are the big things

Sometimes when things seem to be really sucking, you know, that day when a slight depression snowballs into, "My hair looks like shit... my career looks shittier... and I'm probably going to die alone", I'm really grateful to come across a funny video, an inspiring quote, or kind words from friends. Even in the darkest moments, these seemingly teeny, tiny things have kept me going. I remembered some such inspiring words yesterday, sent a few years ago from my friend, Ivan, who lives in Paris. They make more sense to me now, years later—I suspect this will only increase with more time.


What you really want, you'll get.
Or I should say: what you really need, you'll get.
Sometimes, we want the wrong things.
Or sometimes we don't really know what we really want.
Or sometimes, we want it too much!
But it takes time to find oneself. It's deep inside.
And you need silence to find it. And patience :-)
But if you are here and now, good things always happen
in the present moment :-)