passionately seeking balance, joy and pizza

The following is a little piece I wrote many months ago for a website called Yogamint. They asked me for a few words about myself with the submission. I wrote: "passionately seeking balance, joy and pizza." Which I quite like. It still works. "Sometimes the most difficult thing is to begin. I've procrastinated writing assignments for weeks, months even, before sitting down to the keyboard. usually after all that agony, I find it takes hardly any time at all; and I wonder if part of my idea of the creative process includes come self-torture.
Several weeks ago, I replied to Yogamint's call to writers for submissions. They gratefully replied that they'd love to publish my work, and to please send some on. I read some of the samples, decided they were way out of my league/writing style and with a heavy heart left the email to become lost in my inbox.

Sometimes however, the universe provides us with a little nudge. An act of grace that gives us another chance to, as Thoreau says, "dwell as near as possible to the channel in which your life flows". The important part is that we pay attention.

I received another email from Yogamint today, saying that they would love to have an article from me soon. So, I sat and the keyboard. And started to type."

The interesting part about all of this is that they didn't think it was long enough (even though it was within their requested range). I was really excited about it, I liked that it was short. Yogamint asked me to change it and write more... I didn't really feel like it I guess.

I suppose the moral of the story is that follow through is a hell of a lot more important than "nudges" and inspiration. This is also true for pizza quests.