heart shaped sausage

I'm finally back in sweltering Brooklyn after about 3 weeks of travel & it is like stepping into what my friend Jen refers to as "a hot mouth". I am not a summer person if it means 100% humidity and any temperature which begins with a 9.

It's probably fair to say here that I am not very happy to be back. Temperature aside (it was hoooot there as well), I simply love Europe and had some odd feeling of home in Berlin. The women are tall like me, organization and cleanliness are highly valued, and most importantly they have really cool shoes.

Oh - and the fact that the boy I love lives there might also have something to do with the melancholy.

To make matters worse, I feel terrible. I seem to have hardly slept for the past few nights (seriously they have about 5 hours of darkness in the summer) and I was on a little free for all in regards to food and drink. I so desperately wanted to try and see and taste everything new, and the truth is that I am just not able for it yet. So I am sitting here with a green juice, thinking that after 2 years of working in a holistic healing way - it's time for me to get out the big guns and see a doctor. Another fast might get me back to feeling better, but I absolutely refuse to live in a way where I can't try foods and combinations from all over the world without falling apart. And it appears that there is some underlying serious condition or allergy that isn't going away. Enough is enough.

So, I'm back "home" depressed, with more questions than answers, a pile of work, and some of the most exciting opportunities of my life before me.

All is well.