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I suppose some of you might be wondering why this blog is called Just Another Yoga Blog when I rarely even mention it. The asanas or postures that most of us recognize as yoga are actually only 1/8 of the science of yoga; the purpose of which is complete mastery of the mind. So in a few sentences I would like to address here the real meaning of yoga, as I understand it.

Here is an excerpt from my yoga school journal last fall:

"Yoga means to yoke, to bind, to concentrate one's attention on, to use, and apply. It also means union, ultimately of your will and the will of the universe. Yoga is then the union of everything, the dark and the light, yin and yang, the earth and the heavens - and the balance found between them. Yoga is revealed in the practice of Hatha Yoga (the umbrella under which all moving yoga falls) most immediately in the union of the breath and the body. And these unions build upon themselves... The more connected I am to my body through my breath the more I open my heart, hips, lungs & jaw which allows greater intimacy with my emotions and an increased ability to know my mind and not let my emotions dictate my thoughts. The union of all these layers helps me to find greater peace and stillness which engenders true happiness and bliss. The whole practice of yoga is like a spiral that draws me closer and closer to my core, to the unmanifested energy that is inside. Yoga therefore unifies us to our source as we heal and discover the sweetness of joy and suffering."

I therefore strongly believe that a few words on cleansing, colonics, organic tampons, and turkey has everything to do with yoga. The quieter and more sensitive we become with ourselves, the more united we become with everything else. And vice versa.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti