that's all folks

I FUCKING MADE IT!! Maybe not the most appropriate opening sentence...
Or is it?

Yes my friends, I am officially done guzzling juice and nothing but juice for 5 days. It has been one helluva ride I must say. I feel like I have put myself through some sort of rehab as I look forward and realize that tomorrow is really the first day. Going on this cleanse has been such an internal journey that I recognize that I have really been through something - it actually isn't unlike the 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat I did coincidentally the same time last year. Coming out the other side of challenges like these makes me feel proud and capable and maybe even a little bit more confident.

I feel pretty clear as well that my time cleansing is done for now. I was hungrier today than I've been all week, and my ability to survive in a concrete jungle this expanded is wearing thin. I can smell everything (not usually what one aspires to do in NYC) and I feel like I could burst into tears a bit too easily. That being said, I am also nervous to begin eating again. I plan a slow transition that will include more greens and less of the things that don't really make me feel great. I was shocked when I realized that I haven't craved coffee or sugar AT ALL.

It's a dance. An ever evolving, shifting, changing dialogue with ourselves and our bodies. One of the points of my doing this was to be able to hear the subtle (and sometimes not so) pleas that I have often ignored. Knowing I have lived for 5 days without food makes me feel like there might be a lot of other things I can do that I might not know about.

It's a celebration for sure.

I want to thank all of you for stopping by, for your well-wishing, inquiries, and support. It's been a sweet ride.

Dreaming of avocados