the rain is gone

Hump day behind me, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today wasn't too bad juice-wise, but my mid-cleanse colonic was rather intense. Juicing acts as a scrubbing brush and soap in the colon. I hear it has to do with the high vibrational energy of fresh raw foods that pull out toxins and clear waste. I found out today first-hand about those gas pockets or walls that trap matter behind them. And when a great therapist can help release them, you can feel it moving. I was pretty nauseous afterwards to be honest. Cyndie says that by cleansing we actually make the environments in our bodies completely different. I love this.
I also today discovered why I have such a difficult time accepting criticism. There is this belief that if I don't do things perfectly that it is all over; I'm dumped, fired, ruined and totally screwed for the trajectory in which I wish my life to go. Leaving such little room for error makes it very difficult for me to keep the desire to go forward and try new things. Mistakes are human and, of course, inevitable - and I'm willing to bet all really smart, successful, creative, interesting people fuck up too.

I would like to think that 3 days of fasting helped me to see this so clearly. Today there was much clarity.

I'm tired so will keep this short; I have been waking up at 3 and sweating. FUN!

It was like 107 degrees in NYC today... the trees in Prospect Park are in bloom and the air is full of possibility.

Sleep well