day of the drill

The newness of day one behind me, day two was much more difficult. I was hungrier today - it didn't last long but was certainly more intense. I was up early and had a bunch of energy to do some cleaning and yoga in preparation to teach my spring detox themed class in the afternoon. A class in which I think at one point I said "put your elbow behind your wrist" - my ability to find parts of basic anatomy was lost, let alone my sanskrit. In the spirit of swaha (sanskrit for 'so be it', or as I like to say, whateves) I blamed the green juice and laughed it off. I think everyone still got a good workout and had fun.
By the time I made it to rehearsal, my headache was pretty intense and I was fairly loopy. The director and lead actor were so amused by my energetic outbursts, at one point Jim said "What else did you do today Alex" to keep me talking.

"I hung curtains!"

It's true. Every self-respecting single woman in the middle of personal transformation should grab a drill and hang something.

Anyway, the intense headache has dissipated (I did have to lay down for awhile though) and I am alright, if a little slow. The most exciting thing is that my skin looks awesome and I am not bloated for the first time in what feels like years.

I would like to attempt to speak here about something that I know very little about - carbonic gas pressure building up in our bodies. And I mean in every cell, not just the colon. I have been told this theory by 2 separate hydrotherapists, about how much gases effect the body. One even saying that the gas pressure can change the shape of our skull (the blown up look) and acts as a wall in the intestines which absolutely blocks anything from moving through. Apparently that is what happens to us as we age and continue to eat foods that don't digest fully and ferment, drink a lot of beer and other carbonation (kombucha included), and maybe is also the byproduct of other cellular activity which isn't able to leave the system. If you take a look at some middle aged men that look like they are going to explode, you'll know what I am talking about.

Take it for what you will, like I said I am not all that educated about it, but it's something to think about - feeling bloated just plain sucks.

Alrightly then. Sleep well y'all. Tomorrow is hump day!