rising from the dead

Things are starting to shake up here! Last night I woke up with a mild headache behind my right eye - I have no idea if it is related but I know that the liver meridian ends behind the eyes - the liver obviously being our major detoxing organ. Made a green smoothie for breakie (spinach, banana, frozen mixed berries) they are actually really good. More fruit for lunch... mildly lightheaded today & feel low grade fever perhaps.

Went and had the first of 3 colonics that I have scheduled for the cleanse with Cyndie Suarez at LYT. (www.lytnyc.com) Now colonics aren't my absolute favorite pass time (surprising I know), but she was super cool and gave me tons of new information. I am grateful to have support over there to work with through this. She offered that I might experience some headaches as I detox the ol' stuff out. Sweet.

Picked up my HUGE box of 18 juices for the next 3 days. They're very green.

veg for dinner...

I'd love some chocolate. Or a sandwich. Perhaps a chocolate sandwich.

I do think it is rather poetic to be doing this around Easter. And not because I want chocolate eggs.

Peace & Peeps