hello, goodbye

It's time for some spring cleaning. There is LOTS of change happening - positive - health care passed, I've been cast in a really great and exciting pilot www.PioneerOne.tv, and it's beautiful here in Brooklyn.

There is also some letting go - my membership at Yoga High has expired, I've decided to put my yoga teaching career on hold to (once again) pursue acting, and my dear friend (read: ex-boyfriend) and roommate is moving out.

I'm thinking about getting a cat. To keep the loneliness at bay.

To help the process of moving on, mentally and physically, and hopefully finally heal some of the crazy digestive things I have been dealing with over the past couple years, I am doing a 5 day green juice fast. I'm terrified. And thrilled. At the same time.

My most recent theme seems to be that nothing is black and white. Health care isn't perfect, sometimes you have to give up one love to pursue another, you will miss dearly the people you can't live with, and saving a cat is selfish.

Sometimes you have to to through some shit (or quite literally get rid of it) to feel better and get to the other side.

I'll keep you posted here on the spring cleaning, I am sure I'll be crawling the walls around day two.

10 days to go!