smell ya later

So I got some disturbing news last week. A few years back, I stopped using antiperspirant in order to stop putting heavy metals into my body. Our pits being chock-full of lymph nodes and very near the possible dumping ground of breast tissue - I am not interested in taking the chance that a daily dose of aluminum won't add up to some serious health problems in the future. Blocking our sweat glands also doesn't allow our bodies to get rid of toxins inside, so the damage is really twofold.

And to be honest, I've enough trouble making sure I'm outta bed before 10am some mornings and gettin' off the coffee-sauce to need to worry about my deodorant.

I've tried most every natural deodorant out there, but was very excited last fall to finally be introduced to.... the Crystal! Long lasting, naturally occurring, endorsed by the Environmental Working Group and Cancer Treatment Centers all over the country... what more could I ask for!

Until I learned last week from my new favorite website (and double checked with my Green Guru Lisa Hish) that the crystal is actually not safe, and simply another form of aluminum. The thought is that the particles are too large to pass through our pores therefore making it harmless. Seriously?

But it's natural! Yes, as are arsenic and lead and I don't really care to rub them under my arms either.

This, my friends, is another example that we can't necessarily count on the FDA, EWG, or USA to tell us all the information needed to make the best choices for our health.

I took a special trip to the store to search for a deodorant that didn't contain aluminum, propylene glycol, or parabens, and even in the natural section there were only about 3 choices left. Of all the ones I have seen and tried, Weleda is by far the best (my favorite is the rose.) It is a bit pricey, but the bottle lasts for many months and smells beautiful. Not to say that I do after many hours or a vigorous vinyasa, but I still prefer this to the alternative. Dr. Mercola suggests baking soda and water, and that has actually worked great so far, and is even cheaper than Lady Speed Stick.

so please please please give this a thought - we really can't ignore all the info anymore. Check out this article and as always, keep me posted with questions and your thoughts.

In smelly solidarity,