rolf yourself

I want to be rolfed. I want every little bit of tension and holding finally rubbed, beaten and released out of my body. I'm sick and tired of my inflexibility, fear, pain and weakness which I believe is a physical reflection of what I am holding onto mentally. Once and for all I want the emotional trauma and sickness gone... I want a clean slate. But I hear rolfing is a couple thousand dollars and as that isn't the most prudent use of funds when I don't really have a job - I need to find other solutions. Yoga High.

Yes, this little studio on the Lower East Side is my newest yoga adventure and I have thrown myself into it with such a passion that it might be bordering on obsession. Having just graduated from the fast, flowing, creative vinyasa yoga teacher training of Laughing Lotus (which I love) I feel like I am cheating on my partner so to speak... but it just feels too good to stop.

There is a big focus at YH on the breath, and using it to really open and connect with yourself - which I know all yoga is, but to me this is on a whole new level.

This is rolf-yourself yoga.

In addition to the breath guidance, the adjustments here guide me into opening the scariest and darkest places. In my tradition, it is the belief that less is more regarding adjustments - allowing each student find where the poses live in their own bodies. And that makes sense to me. But Liz of Liz & Mel (co-owners of YH) explained that guiding a student into alignment helps them to find it - and I agree. There are a lot of places that I would not find without the expert and loving guidance of a well trained teacher. The love and patience with which I am aligned here allow me to open and breathe into parts of my body like never before.

They've created a monster. I am so excited by the opening and letting go in my hips, ankles, and knees for god's sake that my self-rolfing practice has become an addiction. Last week Mel massaged my back on both sides of my pigeon, which made me release into the pose like never before - as well as profess my undying love to her after class. I have also decided to become a regular at Abby's friday night class after she supported my standing split (I pose I hitherto regarded as mostly annoying) letting me see how to release tension in the back of my knees - a completely new concept to me - which has also helped alleviate a chronic pain I have been having in my IT band.

So, if like me you are ready and willing to let go of some more things that are holding you back in your life and your body, check out Yoga High. They are also seriously the nicest people on the planet.